Geni Del Rosario Results – 2011 CBJ Assembly Candidate Survey

1. Is economic development your number one priority for the City and Borough of Juneau? If not, please explain what priority(ies) you hold higher and why. If your answer is yes, what are your plans for helping to bring and retain living-wage jobs to the community?

Economic Development is one of my immediate Short term Goals for the CBJ. To help bring and retain living –wage jobs to our community, first we have to see in depth our Resources where our Source of Revenues are. Then we look at our Budgets , how our revenues are spent. We have to make our Capital City Small Business Friendly and give incentives to locals who stays open whole year round . Enhance what we have here , our services/ facilities making our infrastructures, land, air and our ferry systems more efficient to encourage more new investors. We have to make our city welcoming to our Tourists and encourage seasonal business to hire locals. Collaborate with our other SE Alaskan neighbors to in making our Fishing Industry more productive.

2. What are your thoughts on reopening the AJ Mine?
The AJ Mines is to close to city limits and as a it is not a good location. But the City has multiple roles with respect to this mine. The safety of our Citizens is always our number one priority and that our environment is safeguarded and preserved. As regulator, enforcer of permit conditions and applicable ordinances the CBJ should take into consideration at all times that in the eventually of the reopening we apply all the studies and research results to ensure that AJ Mines disposing and storing of waste will not have an adverse impact of contaminating our precious water supply, our clean air and our soil.

3. In what ways can the CBJ help contain the living expenses of area residents; and how will you help this effort?
Budgets Cuts is always an unwelcome issue, but hard times like this when revenues are less and expenditures are increasing , to contain the living expenses of our area residences we can help by looking at very carefully where our services have duplications and are overlapping. We have to be mindful of wasteful spending. Our offices would be energy efficient and be conserving energy and get into recycling of office supplies. Look at the use and unused equipments etc. You will be surprise that by doing this we can save taxpayers money in the long run.

4. List the top three industries in Juneau and the number each employs. What are the means and outlook to grow these industries?
First, Our Trade, Transportation , Utilities and Services Companies. Second, Our Local and State Government. Third, would be our Construction, Manufacturing and Natural resources industries. I do not have the figures exactly, but its the way I look at how the Average annual employment of SE Alaska residents by industry on the last time I looked at it. We can continuously grow this industries by maintaining Efficiency and having regulation that are feasible and Business friendly. We not only look at how to enhance our Economic base but also deal equally with our Social issues as families are more facing more
of this everyday.

5. Do you support road access between Juneau and the rest of the state? ___Yes ___No
AS Capital City Juneau should maintain what we have right now and be accessible ,adaptable and flexible to sustain growth in our economy and if we intend to grow our population. We should have reliable infrastructures and services and efficient means of transportation whether by land , air and by ferry. Meanwhile I support the completion of the Environment Impact Statement (EIS). By doing this strategy this is one way of moving forward of our need for the road to other regions in the near furure.

6. Do you support the State’s lawsuit to abolish the Tongass Roadless Rule? ___Yes ___No
I do not support the State ‘s lawsuit to abolish the Tongass Roadless Rule. I support the EIS.