Loren Jones Response – 2011 CBJ Assembly Candidate Survey

1. Is economic development your number one priority for the City and Borough of Juneau? If not, please explain what priority(ies) you hold higher and why. If your answer is yes, what are your plans for helping to bring and retain living-wage jobs to the community?

The Assembly has many issues before it every day. Many of those decisions have impact on economic development. My statement in the voter guide is best answer to your question: “To strengthen our economic diversity and stabilize our population, we must attract young working families to live and work in Juneau. We have a relatively sound job base for working families, but we do not have affordable housing. The CBJ can make land available or provide incentives to local builders to build moderate income apartments, or townhouses or condominiums where working families can afford to live and establish themselves in the community. We need to maintain a community infrastructure that attracts and keeps young families that want to live in Juneau and raise a family – quality schools, child care options, bus transit, stable and quality health care options.”

2. What are your thoughts on reopening the AJ Mine?

The AJ Mine is a project worth study. We must protect our water supply and this has been the major focus of the initial study. When it can be shown that the water supply is and can be protected then we can move forward with other issues related to appropriate operation of the mine. If these issues are dealt with, then the mine process should proceed.

3. In what ways can the CBJ help contain the living expenses of area residents; and how will you help this effort?

Strengthening and stabilizing the housing and employment in Juneau will help. Making this a good place for businesses to start and to grow will help.

4. List the top three industries in Juneau and the number each employs. What are the means and outlook to grow these industries?

The largest employer in Juneau is the State of Alaska. The second area is tourism and the third is health care. If by industry you mean things like fishing and mining – then fishing employs more than mining. This is about the same for southeast as a whole.

5. Do you support road access between Juneau and the rest of the state? ___Yes ___No

I personally do not support the road. However, many in Juneau do support the road. As a member of the Assembly it will be my task to deal with the issues of the road as they come before the assembly in a balanced and responsive role. My personal beliefs about the road may have to be set aside. I think the CBJ’s role in this issue is to plan for a road if the funds and court issues are resolved. What is the CBJ’s responsibility for public safety, emergency services along the road. What are the land issues if the population of Juneau expands along the road.

6. Do you support the State’s lawsuit to abolish the Tongass Roadless Rule? ___Yes _X__No