First Things First
Alaska Foundation

Focused on a strong economy

Responsible Economic Development and Natural Resource Management in Southeast Alaska

Our purpose

First Things First Alaska Foundation (FTFAF) follows many issues essential to Alaska’s economic vitality.

For example, natural resource utilization or development has been prohibited in many parts of Alaska due to abundant government rules and regulations. As a result, thousands of jobs have disappeared in the last several decades. Job loss is a problem for our economic viability.

Alaskans love our beautiful, wild Alaska and seek to protect its landscapes, waterways, wildlife, and communities. However, Alaska’s future depends on understanding that our economic survival depends on the responsible use of and access to Alaska’s bountiful natural resources.

In this light, FTFAF focuses on the issues that meaningfully advance a prosperous future through responsible development of our resources and lands for us and future generations.

Areas of focus

First Things First Alaska Foundation is committed to education, advocacy, and support of responsible economic development and natural resource management in Southeast Alaska.
While there are many areas our board and members work to advance our efforts, the FTFAF board has selected the following areas of focus as essential for the health and wellbeing of Southeast Alaska.